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I help women leaders in the unapologetic pursuit of their full potential.

Meet Harpreet

"When more women lead, the corporate culture inevitably shifts. As a result, the policies, practices, and systems become more inclusive, ultimately producing a higher performing organization."

Harpreet is no stranger to strong women. Instead of seeing a “no”, Harpreet’s matriarchs saw solutions. This is the spark that lights her partnership with you. When Harpreet comes alongside you to develop your ideal career, she’s driven by a passion for introspection, answering tough questions, and navigating challenges. Harpreet comes from a long line of tenacious women, but it wasn’t until she was a bit older that she realized that not all women have found their voice.


For this reason, Harpreet is on an unapologetic mission to help women in corporate grow, thrive, and succeed.


Flagship Program

Smash Some Glass

Harpreet understands why women succeed, their success habits, and their attitude towards failing, making her uniquely qualified to help women in executive and C-suite positions smash their career goals and live the lives they truly want.


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"Harpreet provided a three-day leadership training for our Revenue Leaders at Saviynt. She connected with myself and several leaders to prepare and ensure we were focused on high-priority areas. The training was very well done. Harpreet is a great facilitator and listener. She transformed our group over the course of three days and brought us together as a team that listens better, shows empathy, and connects with each other. Our course was excellent, and I highly recommend Harpreet."

- Todd Rotger, Chief Revenue Officer, Saviynt

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