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Inspirational Speaker


After years of successfully navigating the corporate world, Harpreet had a breakthrough moment. She realized that she is very fortunate to feel every day is her day, to believe that she can be the person she wants to be in a world where everyone is trying to change you.

From that moment, she decided to help women leaders speak up and amplify their voices unapologetically, and to create inclusive workplaces, so that everyone can possess that confidence. Harpreet speaks at leadership conferences, corporate events, and webinars as a keynote speaker, and also facilitates conference breakout sessions.

Her speaking topics on Women in leadership include:


  • Unapologetically Ambitious

  • Smash Some Glass

  • Be Unapologetically you

  • Unapologetic Self love

  • The power of NO

  • Choose Self over Self-Sabotage 

To bring Harpreet’s passion and expertise to your next event, submit an inquiry.

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