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Building an Inclusive Workplace

Team members can’t be their full, authentic selves when an organization lacks diversity, equity, and inclusion.

When your team members can’t bring their whole self to the workplace, it causes breakdowns in communication and a lack of trust. Creating inclusive work environments that are truly equitable and embrace diversity allows your team to thrive, bringing the best of themselves to the table each day.

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"I’ve been embracing differences since childhood. When I was a kid, we moved houses every two years – which meant new school, new friends, new state/city, etc. Every new context would make me curious about the new language, new culture, different food, different religion, different political views. I grew up wearing a curiosity hat, holding space for multiple stories, all of which has helped me to have an intercultural/global mindset, enabling me to make sense of cultural differences and commonalities based on one’s own and other culture’s values and practices."

- Harpreet Ghumman

We will join you where you are on your DEI journey and partner with you to create meaningful and authentic work experiences for individuals and teams in your organization that scale your business success.


Solutions can include:

  • DEI audit and assessment for the organization

  • Customizing and delivering DEI programs for senior leadership team

  • Executive team alignment coaching

  • DEI program for teams and organizations as Train-The- Trainer 

  • Equipping the training content or communication team with skills to review and create content that is inclusive

Ready to build an Inclusive workplace?

Success Story

As a Diversity and Culture Head @ a leading media company, I needed expert consulting support to significantly improve the core capability  of our senior content advisory team. This particular team is responsible for ensuring that the quality of our client offerings is optimized for a global audience as well as being congruent across our core values of Inclusion, equity & diversity. I am delighted to say Harpreet excelled in working with our team to create a sustained breakthrough in teams’ awareness, development of new metrics and future strategy. I witnessed Harpreet as the consummate strategic consultant who sees both the macro and micro issues. Her work is responsive, detailed oriented and she made it easy to work with us. The team & I deeply appreciated her warm and professional presence"

Vice President, Business and Culture Transformation

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