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Executive Coaching

Does your inner critic tell you that you are not good enough, driving you to work harder and strive for perfection, leaving you exhausted?

While you enjoy what you do, do you feel very drained out? Always anxious, worrying, or anticipating failure?

Do you hold yourself back from sharing an idea because you feel that you do not understand the big picture?

Do you struggle to say no? Do you end up with assignments that give you no visibility or leave you feeling crunched for time?

Do you struggle with negotiating pay that you deserve, or getting stakeholder buy-in for important decisions?

Do you doubt yourself? Are you uncomfortable when presenting to senior stakeholders?

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"I offer a collaborative yet challenging approach to help you achieve your unapologetic full potential. My clients have said that my open and grounded presence allows for the quick establishment of trust, leading to insights that inspire change. Through working with me, many clients have experienced an enhanced self-awareness and a newfound ability to lead from a place of personal power, resulting in increased organizational influence. You can expect real results from working with me. "

- Harpreet Ghumman

We can work together to:

  • Design a flourishing, balanced career on your own terms and feel fulfilled in your work and personal life

  • Find an authentic and meaningful voice that connects to your values

  • Build an inspiring and influential executive presence that sets you apart

  • Conquer sabotaging thoughts and patterns that threaten your confidence

Ready to step into your potential and become unapologetically YOU? 

Success Stories

Empowering individuals to achieve their dreams and create remarkable success stories.

Career Game Changer

“My coaching sessions with Harpreet were career game changers. I left with specific items on which to work and the confidence to have tough conversations that not only drove the business I lead, but also allowed me to better advocate for my team and myself. I am able to envision and plan my long-term career with tangible goals, and take pride in the path to get there. So thankful for the opportunity to benefit from Harpreet’s deep knowledge and patient approach."

- Senior Vice President, Financial Center Marketing, Fortune Top 50 company 

A journey to know and understand myself better

“I was assigned to work with Harpreet at a time when I was feeling like a batsman who has the technique but has forgotten how to score runs. She was empathetic but asked me the difficult questions, and when I was not invested, called it out. It has led me on a journey to know and understand myself better and to reevaluate and align my priorities. Based on my sessions, I have been able to learn new techniques and approaches towards problem solving, the benefits of which have been a significant reduction in my anxiety levels and clarity in thought. If you are looking at elevating your game to the next level, I truly recommend Harpreet.”

- Director, Firmware Engineering, Fortune Top 500 company 

Unlimited Possibilities

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you for showing me a glimpse of the unlimited possibilities that I have in front of me. Your timely support came as a blessing for me and that too  when I was struggling to turn things around, both on the professional and on the personal side. It was an enlightening experience on having identified the saboteurs and training me how to successfully tackle it. I never would have discovered the true potential which I can achieve, if not for you who showed me the way to reach untapped areas of strength within myself. I am now well-equipped than before, and have now more confidence than ever and ready to face more and more challenges yet to come. Thanks a ton for removing the fear of losing my technical strengths, showing me the art of managing energies, and helping me identify my shortcomings and areas of improvements. This is the best thing that has happened to me, which I needed the most.”- Director, Engineering, Fortune Top 500 company 

- Director, Engineering, Fortune Top 500 company 

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