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Women In Leadership

Is there a under representation of women in your leadership team? Is your existing DEI strategy robust enough to build a ready pipeline of women leaders?

Many development practices are not effective in building future ready leaders and helping retain women in organizations, as they are not tailored to the unique challenges and experiences of women in leadership positions. Effective strategies have to be designed in a systemic manner. Most organizations struggle to fully include women and harness their collective genius for the current and future performance of the organization.

Harpreet’s Story 

I grew up watching strong, tenacious women confront problems with solutions. They didn’t think “why me?” or “there’s no way” – they saw obstacles and created pathways to resolution. When others saw “no’s”, the women around me saw possibilities.

It was tough to learn later in life that not all women feel confident or secure in navigating the corporate world this way. This heritage of unapologetic women is the mantle I carry when I come alongside you or your organization. My life’s passion and purpose is empowering women to succeed in business, yes, and inwardly as well. I take a holistic approach, creating a space of trust and transparency with all my clients. It is my greatest joy to help you overcome whatever is holding you back so that you can have a fulfilling career that is unapologetically you.


While working in male dominated organizations, I was often the only woman and probably the most vocal in the meetings. I learned to navigate and thrive being the only one.  I smile to myself as I recall my first manager encouraging me to go scold “that rude chief technical officer! Looking back on my early corporate management experiences as a (sensitive) naïve MBA Graduate, I now realize I was extraordinarily well equipped by my family upbringing to be courageous and resilient in the face of adverse power politics.

We will partner with you to:


  • Review your existing development strategy and interventions

  • Co-create an appropriate, comprehensive and sustainable approach that drive results

Ready to release the collective power of the women in your organisation?

Success Stories

Move my career forward 

“I had the opportunity to work with Harpreet during the fall of 2022. One of the goals I needed to work on to move my career forward was building strong relationships with key stakeholders. I had been stuck in a cycle of not prioritizing my outreach and getting nowhere. Harpreet helped me realize the stories I was telling myself that were holding me back and provided the accountability and support I needed to make progress on my goal.” 

- Managing Director, Institutional Client Executive, Fortune Top 50 company 

Seize opportunities to influence

“I was hoping to learn the value of how to be more strategic as well as how to be more effective at networking, seize opportunities to influence and lead senior level decision makers and most importantly how I could carve out time in my day for my own learning and development.  I tried a couple of options prior to meeting Harpreet, but they were not effective. I really connected with Harpreet. I felt I could be completely honest with her. She was kind, but firm and offered valuable suggestions for me to achieve my own developmental goals. I had a great learning experience ! My biggest “aha” moment was realizing the value and importance of carving out time for myself to develop and grow. I would highly recommend Harpreet for Senior level executives who are searching for ways to prioritize their time so that they develop themselves, their team and continue to deliver to the business. Just do it!  You will come away from the coaching session more enlightened, more confident and with a plan. I completely enjoyed my sessions!”

- Vice President, HR partner, Fortune Top 200 company  

A platform to share our aspirations

“I had the pleasure of working with Harpreet over a 6-month period. Our time together was invaluable. Harpreet provided me a platform to share my aspirations, my goals and motivation, and in return Harpreet used her powers to challenge me, inspire and ignite me – and most of all to get me thinking differently. Her advocacy for female leaders, her commitment to helping me (‘’us’’ as she referred to it) achieve my goals, she immersed herself completely in my ‘why’. Each of our conversations had me walking away with an action I hadn't before considered, she stretched me beyond my comfort zone, which got me growing and unleashing potential I was unaware of. Her human centric approach was exactly what I needed in a coach, enabling trust and confidence in her guidance. This investment in myself, the ‘thinking time’ dedicated to this kind of exercise and the commitment required from both myself and Harpreet has solidified my career development plan, has helped me target my areas of growth opportunity, and has pushed me into thinking, and as a result I have such gratitude.” 

- Vice President, People & Culture 

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